Pink midi skirts

Love love love this hot pink midi skirt, I searched those for a while , there where red and green popular, but I didn’t want those colors and then i finally found hot pink color, but mean while i was traveling, had no place to order them, but then they disappeared, out of stock and made me upset, there was no hot pink anymore. When they showed in stock again, i became the happiest person in the whole world (yes, just because of the skirts, always appreciate everything i have and ever get) i just ordered them straight away, and finally I could wear them. In the morning walking around our house we are staying in San Pedro, we found this amazing tree and 1st idea was, that soon we will take photos here, the tree is so huge and amazing, really beautiful.

outfit pink skirts morefashion4u pink skirts pink skirts heel shoes pink skirts pink skirts DSC_7659w pink skirts pink skirts pink skirts


Skirts: Chicwish (many colors )

Shoes: Nelly

Heart purse: Forever21

Hat: Vintage store

Top: Naked zebra 

Sweater: H&M

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Act like a lady, think like a boss


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Hey, this Blog post is about my finds ^^ Last year In California , I found a top with this text, but when I came back to buy it, it wasn’t there anymore, so i became sad, but i could not do anything about it, so this year i found a sweater and it`s much better than the top, so as i always say – Every thing happens for a reason! Also finally i found my perfect watch, i really really like it, so happy about it, because usually i don’t like watches, but when i saw this one, grabbed it straight away and said yes, this is what i wished and where looking for a long long time, its MINE. The Bags are another story, i`m so picky about them, because i just can`t find what i like, but when i really like the bag, it costs a lot, A LOT, that for now i can`t afford it :D Finally i found it too!

      Steve Madden   Anne Klein



Sweater: Sans Souci

Knee socks: H&M

Shoes: Truffle (bought in London, forgot shop name)

Skirts: No lable

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Black and white in sunny California


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Yess, we are back to California, so happy, especially because in our home country is autumn now and I was missing California soo much But something strange is happening, that in so sunny and warm place, I like to wear black more than ever, why here, why now? When sun is so hot and spending time wearing black clothes isn’t the best idea,but i can’t do nothing about it. Found this perfect long vest, I’m in love with it, so comfy, so beautiful, that’s what I was looking for a very long time. I couldn’t choose to wear it with heels or boots, so I decided to wear both, heels in first part of the day, but as the shopping isn’t a fast thing and legs are a little bit tired walking around that big shopping mall, than i changed to the super comfy sparkled black and white vans shoes, I looove them, i have three pairs of them now, my old ones sparkled silver, new sparkled silver and black sparkled.It may sound like that: if its sparkled or pink – yes I want it.
And the glasses, oh I really like them so so much, they are so cute, my boyfriend was like : “And you will wear them all the time?! Like hearts?!” And I was like, what?! Why not?! And you will wear your squared or oval or round, like all the time?! Why hearts can’t be a normal thing too? I think it can and should be, I like unusual sunglasses, like not everyone have and especially when they are so cute ^^


Long vest: Papaya

Shoes: Vans

Over-knee socks: H&M

Heels: Nelly (similar)

Rings: H&M

Sunglasses: Aldo

Skirts and t-shirt: no label

Bag: Guess

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Denim vest


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I was so so busy these 5 months in my country with family, friends and photography, so i didn’t really had a time for blogging, only on my Instagram i was posting some quick outfit photos. But i’m back, because i have so many things to show and wear, even these awesome shoes I bought when I was in USA, a few months ago, but only now i took pictures with them. I love vintage things, this outfit is almost all vintage , except the shoes , those are brand new from, i bought them a half year ago, but they are still passionately waiting for me to wear them, I just love them, so comfy, especially I like that X on the back, it was so hard to find this denim vest, i was looking for it almost a year, but couldn’t find one which i would really like or fit me, but one day I went to the vintage store and saw it almost from the moment i actually came in through the doors, i grabbed it, even didn’t try it, I knew it will be mine and the price didn’t matter, but when i saw the price i was shocked!!! It was only 0.70€ cents and i was like whaaat this super perfect denim vest which i was looking for only costed 0.70€ no way, I’m so happy that i found it, I like all about it , especially its real old style light blue jeans material, then i found this dress in the same store and it was my lucky day i guess. I got this bow from another vintage store, and belt too, but its another story about the belt, i had the same belt a few years ago and it was my favorite, but while i was doing a photo-shoot i gave it to the model and she accidentally broke it, i was unhappy, but now i found the same as i had from the vintage store, i got excited, is this the same belt as i had before ? I really like vintage stores for the moments like this , when you can find some things you already had but some how lost them! Because that i am a photographer, i got this vintage camera as a present, it is from UK island where my best friend found it for me in some vintage market place, so i added my pink bow and it looks even better and so cute. Oh, I think this is the longest story I had ever told on my blog :D and can’t even wait for the next blog post ^^


oh, yes, I love this X ^^


Denim vest: Levis (vintage)

Dress, bow, belt, camera: vintage

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Lips clutch

I’m not such a big fan of leopard print, but these shoes I like very much, maybe because of the combo with red, style and bow :D ?! I’m happy that I found this lips clutch a looot ^^





Lips clutch: Faith

Shoes: Primark

Hat: Urban spirit 

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