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Hey, this Blog post is about my finds ^^ Last year In California , I found a top with this text, but when I came back to buy it, it wasn’t there anymore, so i became sad, but i could not do anything about it, so this year i found a sweater and it`s much better than the top, so as i always say – Every thing happens for a reason! Also finally i found my perfect watch, i really really like it, so happy about it, because usually i don’t like watches, but when i saw this one, grabbed it straight away and said yes, this is what i wished and where looking for a long long time, its MINE. The Bags are another story, i`m so picky about them, because i just can`t find what i like, but when i really like the bag, it costs a lot, A LOT, that for now i can`t afford it :D Finally i found it too!

      Steve Madden   Anne Klein



Sweater: Sans Souci

Knee socks: H&M

Shoes: Truffle (bought in London, forgot shop name)

Skirts: No lable

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Black and white in sunny California


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Yess, we are back to California, so happy, especially because in our home country is autumn now and I was missing California soo much But something strange is happening, that in so sunny and warm place, I like to wear black more than ever, why here, why now? When sun is so hot and spending time wearing black clothes isn’t the best idea,but i can’t do nothing about it. Found this perfect long vest, I’m in love with it, so comfy, so beautiful, that’s what I was looking for a very long time. I couldn’t choose to wear it with heels or boots, so I decided to wear both, heels in first part of the day, but as the shopping isn’t a fast thing and legs are a little bit tired walking around that big shopping mall, than i changed to the super comfy sparkled black and white vans shoes, I looove them, i have three pairs of them now, my old ones sparkled silver, new sparkled silver and black sparkled.It may sound like that: if its sparkled or pink – yes I want it.
And the glasses, oh I really like them so so much, they are so cute, my boyfriend was like : “And you will wear them all the time?! Like hearts?!” And I was like, what?! Why not?! And you will wear your squared or oval or round, like all the time?! Why hearts can’t be a normal thing too? I think it can and should be, I like unusual sunglasses, like not everyone have and especially when they are so cute ^^


Long vest: Papaya

Shoes: Vans

Over-knee socks: H&M

Heels: Nelly (similar)

Rings: H&M

Sunglasses: Aldo

Skirts and t-shirt: no label

Bag: Guess

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Denim vest


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I was so so busy these 5 months in my country with family, friends and photography, so i didn’t really had a time for blogging, only on my Instagram i was posting some quick outfit photos. But i’m back, because i have so many things to show and wear, even these awesome shoes I bought when I was in USA, a few months ago, but only now i took pictures with them. I love vintage things, this outfit is almost all vintage , except the shoes , those are brand new from, i bought them a half year ago, but they are still passionately waiting for me to wear them, I just love them, so comfy, especially I like that X on the back, it was so hard to find this denim vest, i was looking for it almost a year, but couldn’t find one which i would really like or fit me, but one day I went to the vintage store and saw it almost from the moment i actually came in through the doors, i grabbed it, even didn’t try it, I knew it will be mine and the price didn’t matter, but when i saw the price i was shocked!!! It was only 0.70€ cents and i was like whaaat this super perfect denim vest which i was looking for only costed 0.70€ no way, I’m so happy that i found it, I like all about it , especially its real old style light blue jeans material, then i found this dress in the same store and it was my lucky day i guess. I got this bow from another vintage store, and belt too, but its another story about the belt, i had the same belt a few years ago and it was my favorite, but while i was doing a photo-shoot i gave it to the model and she accidentally broke it, i was unhappy, but now i found the same as i had from the vintage store, i got excited, is this the same belt as i had before ? I really like vintage stores for the moments like this , when you can find some things you already had but some how lost them! Because that i am a photographer, i got this vintage camera as a present, it is from UK island where my best friend found it for me in some vintage market place, so i added my pink bow and it looks even better and so cute. Oh, I think this is the longest story I had ever told on my blog :D and can’t even wait for the next blog post ^^


oh, yes, I love this X ^^


Denim vest: Levis (vintage)

Dress, bow, belt, camera: vintage

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Lips clutch

I’m not such a big fan of leopard print, but these shoes I like very much, maybe because of the combo with red, style and bow :D ?! I’m happy that I found this lips clutch a looot ^^





Lips clutch: Faith

Shoes: Primark

Hat: Urban spirit 

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Cherry blossoms


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I like this Spring time, especially when thrives cherries, they look so gently and cute ^^


Dress with Dipped Hem: ASOS

Wedges: Forever 21

Sparkled hat: New Look

Knee socks: Primark

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