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Pink pencil skirts in Athens

December 18, 2014

Hello from Athens ^^

Yes, now we are in Greece, still can’t get enough with sleep, after long flights. It is a big contrast after Los Angeles in everything. We try to get our sleep to normal, that`s why we haven’t seen too much for now, but we are still having some adventures, a dog wanted to bite my fingers off, but i`m ok with all my fingers on :D

We live in a beautiful place and great location, where from the roof top, you can see almost all Athens, great view opens to Acropolis, its so big and beautiful, sea, mountains and all the white houses, i cant even imagine what could be better. For now these are my favorite pencil skirts, this hat is from the vintage store and i love it so much, because of so many variations i can use it, transforms so easily, actually for this hat, i chose my Daniel Wellington watch with dark blue color Nato strap, i can`t get enough with this adorable, vintage and classy hat.

And finally i found a perfect case with body chain for my iPhone, i like it really much, cause i don’t need a bag, but hands can still be free.

And since we are close to Christmas I have a little gift for you, a discount of 15% off on your Daniel Wellington watch valid until 31 | 12 with promo code holidaymorefashion4u Could it be a great gift  for your beloved ones or for you?

hot pink pink outfit pink iPhone case Daniel Wellington hot pink shoes hot pink skirtsDaniel Wellington watch hot pink pencil skirts hat with bow pink outfit pencil skirts outfit hairstyle

Skirts: Pull&bear

Top: New Look

Hat: Vintage

Watch: Daniel Wellington 

Case: Asos

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MoreFashion4U life

Autumn in California

December 9, 2014

Actually it is winter in California, feels like summer, but i found a little piece of Autumn. I’m feeling super warm in this faux fur vest, it is my first that kind of vest, as i’m not a fan of fur things and especially real fur or leather, i don’t want to hurt animals, just because i need a vest or something like that, so i prefer faux fur, because in 21st century the quality and look is good. If You would like to share your thoughts about this, just leave me a comment and we can talk about it :)

Also i love my new Daniel Wellington watch, it fits here so well and i think every where, because it`s so classic and amazing with it`s simple look. From all his watches, this is my favorite, You can check it here -> Classic Southampton Lady in rose gold, they have silver color too, you can find yours here. Also they kindly gave me the code for a discount, so if you want to buy it, just use this code “holidaymorefashion4u” for 15% off until 31st December + Free worldwide delivery. They also have a special offer, buy a leather watch of your choice and get 50% off any NATO strap + free gift wrapping.

Don’t miss out, you can get great deals, especially now, when it`s CHRISTMAS time and they will even wrap your gift.

pink bow autumn look heart clutch Daniel Wellington Classic Southampton Lady

heart clutch classic lookfaux fur Pink band

heart autumn in california happy autumn Daniel Wellington outfit portrait favorites

My months favorites <3

faux fur vest Daniel Wellington watch


Watch: Daniel Wellington

Trousers: H&M

Heart clutch: Forever 21

Belt: Asos (there is no more black, blue color is left and it`s even on sale)

Faux fur vest: Me Jane

Earrings: H&M

Shoes: Nelly

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MoreFashion4U life

Cat look

December 6, 2014

This Look is all about cats, i just like them, they are so so cute, wish i had a cat, but because I travel a lot, i just don’t feel right about it, and that’s why for now i like to have some clothes with them, as my favorite sweater, sparkled ears and iPhone case >^.^< Yes and again, knee socks, my last time favorite peace, so unusual for me to wear flat shoes, not heels or wedges, but i really like this shiny, silver color, sparkled look, I had 2 of them already, so beautiful, especially when it is a really sunny day outside, but this day wasn’t so, it was quite grey and windy. For a long time i was looking for chine and big “diamond” necklace, finally i found my 2 wishes in one peace at (Forever21) hope sun comes out soon in Los Angeles.


morefashion4u-1 morefashion4u-6 morefashion4u-4 morefashion4u-3 morefashion4u-8 morefashion4u-2 morefashion4u-7


Necklace: Forever 21

Shoes: Vans

Knee socks, ears: H&M

Bag: Steve Madden

Vest: Papaya

Sweater: Penelope project clothing

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MoreFashion4U life

Pink midi skirts

November 13, 2014

Love love love this hot pink midi skirt, I searched those for a while , there where red and green popular, but I didn’t want those colors and then i finally found hot pink color, but mean while i was traveling, had no place to order them, but then they disappeared, out of stock and made me upset, there was no hot pink anymore. When they showed in stock again, i became the happiest person in the whole world (yes, just because of the skirts, always appreciate everything i have and ever get) i just ordered them straight away, and finally I could wear them. In the morning walking around our house we are staying in San Pedro, we found this amazing tree and 1st idea was, that soon we will take photos here, the tree is so huge and amazing, really beautiful.

outfit pink skirts morefashion4u pink skirts pink skirts heel shoes pink skirts pink skirts DSC_7659w pink skirts pink skirts pink skirts


Skirts: Chicwish (many colors )

Shoes: Nelly

Heart purse: Forever21

Hat: Vintage store

Top: Naked zebra 

Sweater: H&M

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MoreFashion4U life

Act like a lady, think like a boss

October 22, 2014

Hey, this Blog post is about my finds ^^ Last year In California , I found a top with this text, but when I came back to buy it, it wasn’t there anymore, so i became sad, but i could not do anything about it, so this year i found a sweater and it`s much better than the top, so as i always say – Every thing happens for a reason! Also finally i found my perfect watch, i really really like it, so happy about it, because usually i don’t like watches, but when i saw this one, grabbed it straight away and said yes, this is what i wished and where looking for a long long time, its MINE. The Bags are another story, i`m so picky about them, because i just can`t find what i like, but when i really like the bag, it costs a lot, A LOT, that for now i can`t afford it :D Finally i found it too!

      Steve Madden   Anne Klein



Sweater: Sans Souci

Knee socks: H&M

Shoes: Truffle (bought in London, forgot shop name)

Skirts: No lable

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