Winter in LA. Venice. Pink coat.

I love to be around the water! The air is so refreshing and smells awesome, usually i get a lot of energy, because of that. That day was the most beautiful whether, i love this combination of dark, heavy clouds and shining sun, the light is so so gorgeous, it makes beautiful dramatic and happy atmosphere at the same time. It’s not so cold here in LA as I’m dressed, but i like to feel cozy, even if there is only a tiny chance of wind. My boy usually walks around in a T-shirt and I’m in a coat looks funny from the side, but thats the difference between us, I’m so tiny and i get cold easily, but he is so big and i think he has skin like an elephant and stays warm any time. I love this outfit, makes me not just feeling cozy and comfy, but looks too, received so many compliments about it. In the evening I even wear a scarf above it, because of the wind. Thats why in half of the photos the coat is opened or only on my elbows, it’s not so cold as it is windy. Love this kind of winter ❄️. By the way this is our first Christmas and New Year in such a summery place. Only that day was so windy, that i even dressed up like that, now it`s 26°C again. I’m a little bit sad, that I can’t wear this gorgeous coat more often, i try to catch these special moments, like windy days or late evenings. But i am still happy to live in the summer ☀️

Filmed a video too, need to put it together, maybe next week i will upload it, not sure yet. I really want to start making videos every week, but something happens every time and then it’s not the priority thing to do, but I really want and will try


Coat: Reformation
Jeans: American Apparel
Cosmetic: Chanel
Clutch: Zaful

Running from the wavws Jumping Flying coat Dramatic weather Full look view Pink coat from the back Dramatic sky Chanel cosmetic Grey pompom hat Venice beach look Flying birds Jumping to the sky Back of the coat Ford mustang